Write Pride Festival

Write Pride - FB Cover
Writing Proud was founded in 2018 following the huge success of our first Write Pride Festival, which took place July 23rd to 27th leading up to Nottingham Pride.

We felt past prides had been focussed on music & party events and gave little acknowledgement to the different communities that exist within the wider LGBTQ landscape. Write Pride aimed to bring these communities into the light and celebrate the achievements of LGBTQ writers.

Write Pride was reportedly the first festival of its kind in the UK, featuring a series of masterclass workshops exploring and celebrating the work of LGBTQ writers from 5 writing disciplines; prose, film, song writing, poetry and theatre.

Each day also included an evening celebration event, showcasing work from our masterclass leaders alongside a host of other talented LGBTQ artists and allies.

A final celebratory project took place on July 28th when participants of our collaborative art project with City Arts Young Producers – See Pride – proudly displayed banners they had made during the workshop in the Nottingham Pride march!

We’re thrilled to say we’re doing it all over again with an even bigger, bolder Write Pride festival in 2019 – taking place in Nottingham, July 22nd to 26th! Details to be announced very soon!