Write Pride Festival

Write Pride - FB Cover

Write Pride was first launched in 2018 and featured 5 days of workshops and events spread across 5 venues around Nottingham.

The Festival is a chance to celebrate LGBTQIA writing in all its forms and includes workshops and events in Prose, Film, Songwriting and Music, Poetry and Theatre.

News on further festivals will be updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, take a look at our festival highlights below to see what it's all about.


Featuring: Paul Burston (Prose Pride @ Waterstones), Oliver Mason (Film Pride @ Nottingham Writers Studio), Tash Bird (Lyric Pride @ Rough Trade) & Bonnie & The Bonnettes (Theatre Pride @ Nottingham Playhouse

Special Guests: Franx, DJ Boz, Marilyn Sane & Draven


Featuring: Rosie Garland (Prose Pride @ Waterstones), Rob Young (Film Pride @ City Arts), Rob Green (Lyric Pride @ Rough Trade), Caroline Bird (Poetry Pride @ Antenna) & Rikki Beadle-Blair (Theatre Pride @ Nottingham Playhouse)

Special Guests: Baby Tap, Nana Arthole, Dan Webber, Marika The Alien, 1623 Theatre Company & Arletty Theatre

Featured Short Films: Hi(e)r (2013), The Traveler (2016), In A Heartbeat (2017) & Ecuentro (2017)

Photos by: Tom Morley @ Emotions from Photons